The Perfect Doctor [call for submissions]

Does the perfect doctor exist? If so, what would they look like?

Neurocritical care physician Dr. Sasha Yakhkind, MD, MS, in collaboration with Pager Publications, Inc., is compiling a new print book about the diversity of perfection in medicine.

We are seeking manuscripts from all members of the health care team, including students, physicians and allied health professionals, as well as patients about their experience meeting, being, trying to be, working with, idolizing, or questioning ‘The Perfect Doctor.’

It is highly likely that there is no such thing as ‘The Perfect Doctor,’ but what does the concept mean to you? How has it played out in your life?

We encourage submissions from people with diverse and under-represented backgrounds. Please submit your manuscript proposals in less than 250 words by August 15, 2022 to If selected, final submissions for the print book will be due in November 2022.