About Us

Pager Publications, Inc. is 501c3 nonprofit literary organization that curates and supports peer-edited publications for the medical education community.

We strive to provide students and educators with dedicated spaces for the free expression of their distinctive voices.

Our Books

The books we have published as Pager Publications, Inc., including forthcoming titles.

in-Training: 2020 In Our Words [2021]

We announce the publication of in-Training: 2020 In Our Words, a print compendium of peer-edited narratives written by medical students about their experiences throughout the year 2020.

The Doctor Will Be Late [2020]

We announce the publication of The Doctor Will Be Late, a children’s book written by family medicine physician Dr. Sarah Smith, DO.

Salve: Words For The Journey [2019]

We announce the publication of Salve: Words For The Journey, a compilation of poetry, prose, and journaling prompts written by psychiatrist and author Monisha Vasa, MD.

in-Training: Stories from Tomorrow’s Physicians [2016]

We announce the publication of in-Training: Stories from Tomorrow’s Physicians, a compendium of peer-edited narratives written by medical students on humanism, our real-life patients, and the challenges of being a physician-in-training.

Our entire team is unpaid and volunteer. All profits go to support book production and web hosting costs for our publications.