in-Training: Stories from Tomorrow’s Physicians, Volume 2 [2018]

We are proud to announce the publication of in-Training: Stories from Tomorrow’s Physicians, Volume 2, a print compendium of peer-edited narratives written by medical students chronicling the major milestones of medical school.

The book is currently for sale at a 40% holiday discount.

in-Training: Stories from Tomorrow’s Physicians, Volume 2 is a collection of over 60 manuscripts and art pieces published on in-Training, the online peer-reviewed publication for medical students, since its inception in July 2012. All of the manuscripts were written and edited by medical students, and were chosen by the editors for their humanistic merit in authentically presenting the major milestones of medical school.

The book is designed as a resource guide for medical students, educators, and the friends, family and loved ones of medical students. The compendium presents first-person accounts of the anatomy lab, first patients, clinical rotations, burnout, choosing a specialty, and the transition to residency.

The book was curated and edited by Ria Pal and Andrew Kadlec, editors-in-chief emeriti of in-Training, and is published by Pager Publications, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit publishing house founded by Ajay Major, MD, MBA and Aleena Paul, MD, MBA in 2015. All proceeds from the book go to Pager Publications, Inc. and will be used to pay for the website costs of in-Training. All members of the in-Training and Pager Publications, Inc. editorial boards are unpaid and volunteer.

We hope you will spread the word of this publication to your institutions and colleagues. A list of the published authors can be found on the book preview on the sale webpage. Please contact us at with any questions or comments.